Interview with Maria Raquel Thomas

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Hello, Maria,

First of all thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.

We already know a little about you and have to admit we are admired with your energy in business and your participation in charitable organizations.

Nowadays, when young people often indulge only in entertainment, girls like you should be a role model for others.

– So, tell us a little about yourself for our readers.

– My name is Maria Raquel Thomas. I am an Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and Philanthropist.

– And now a little about what does your company represent.

– I own Maria Raquel Thomas Cosmetics. Maria Raquel Thomas Cosmetics is a miniority-owned cosmetic brand that supplies a quick and easy solution to the way girls apply and wear cosmetics. Today’s girls are balancing their personal, professional, and community lives at a faster pace and their makeup application should not slow them down. By using Maria Raquel Thomas Cosmetics plus using this formula, glamourous looks are now easier and quicker. We also believe in protecting our planet so our products are made on recycled paper.

– You founded this company, but at this stage someone helps you in your business?

– Yes, we hire Photographers, Videographers, Publicists, Models. etc. It takes a village.

– Do you come up with the design and slogans for your products, think over the marketing strategy and advertising campaigns…tell us, if it’s not a commercial secret, of course .. 🙂

– My mother is a marketing guru. So between the both of us, we come up with marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. We are about to launch a Christmas marketing campaign soon.

– We are very impressed that you find time for charitable and missionary work, and we would like to know more about it.

– I give back to the community by donating a portion of my earnings to children’s charities including Victoria’s Voice, SE4K, and Standup for Kids. I am the first-ever National Youth Ambassador for Standup for Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending youth homelessness. I have assisted StandUp for Kids in raising over $150,000.

– Where do you get the energy and time to have time for everything?

– A good calendar and family support. And cereal is my energy booster. Haha!

– What are your basic life principles that help you in business development?

– I believe in having Integrity, taking care of my customers needs, and making sure my products are cruelty-free to help the environment.

– Who is your role model, someone in your life who inspires you ?

– My mother inspires me. She is an optimist and she uplifts me everyday. She also owns her own business, so she teaches me how to do businesses.

– And what kind of advice you could give to inspire other people ?

– Believe in yourself and strive for your dreams. It won’t be easy, however, keep going. You can take a break, but you can not quit.

– Tell us what your ordinary day looks like ?

– I get up at 6:00am, I check emails. Then I stretch. I get ready and go to school. I get home around 4pm. I do my homework and then spend time with my family or friends.

– Share with us a moment you never forget?

– The moment my first lip collection sold out in one week! We were shocked. I felt so excited and humbled at the same time.

– As we are looking at your photos, we can see that you are also a very beautiful girl. Are you a professional model as well?

– Yes, I have been modeling since I was 3. I did a crayola crayons photoshoot for a book. It is fun for me. Currently I’m doing on-air television show segments, giving tips to teens about self-care, beauty and fashion.

– Is there is something what you would like to tell to this world ?

– I believe our generation does not follow stereotypes. We love you for who you are.

– And what comes next about your business and life in general ? What are your plans?

– I plan to take proceeds from my cosmetic line and use it to pay for medical school. I want to be an ER doctor so I can continue to care for others.

Check out the website of Maria and follow her on Instagram! We did 🙂


Instagram: @mariaraquelthomas

Contact: [email protected]

Photographer: Alex Moonrise

Stylist: Raquel Riley Thomas

Hair Stylist: Kabelly Salon