Simonetta Collection FW21 are inspired by Ada Lovelace’s personality, by her infinite curiosity and revolutionary discoveries. Ada is a famous mathematician in the 19th century and the daughter of the poet Lord Byron. She is mainly known for her work as a computer inventor, and nowadays, she is considered the first programmer in the world.

Photography Abi Campbell

The collection revolves around the theme of beautiful dreams, with an absolute focus on imagination. The perfect combination of light blue, green and pink tones are used to form high foam waves, symbolizing freedom and the desire to escape, plus the imaginary figure that reappears in Ada’s dream: Pegasus, free Symbol, a winged ship, a hot air balloon, a harp she likes to play, and a chess board symbolizing a cart for mathematical calculations.

Simonetta’s typical bon ton style is decorated with velvet and silk extra-long bows on dresses, jackets and accessories, and houndstooth on the four-button skirt, which can be matched with sweatshirts and cardigans, or with a cool jacket in velvet .